BPN IT Volunteers to Report to Bawaslu Incorrect KPU Real Count Data

Jakarta, FNN — IT Volunteer Group on the National Committee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi (BPN) will submit a report to The Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) and the General Elections Commission (KPU) that notes thousands of incorrect data entries into KPU’s vote counting platform. The report is expected to push Bawaslu and other responsible authorities to review and take concrete steps to address the matter.

“At first, we planned to submit the report on Wednesday, May 1, but because it will be in conjunction with labor day, we will proceed with the submission on Thursday, May 2 to Bawaslu and KPU. We will be waiting for our team to finish the manual audit of the data, which is expected to be done tomorrow,” BPN IT Volunteer Group Coordinator Mustofa Nahrawardaya said Tuesday.

BPN’s IT volunteer group found 9,440 incorrect data entry on KPU’s real count website during the period of April 27 to Apr. 29, 2019.

The team observed data from 172,174 polling stations out of 404,290, which is 42% of the total polling stations across Indonesia. Out of all the data observed, 6 percent of them were incorrect.

“Everyday, we found more than one thousand incorrect data entry. These mistakes include inaccurate vote difference, numbers of total voters that exceed those subjected in the Final Voters List (DPT), and invalid ballots that don’t add up to the total number of voters,” Nahrawardaya said Monday during a press conference at the Prabowo-Sandi Media Center.

The findings were consistent over the three-day inspection, and no changes were made for such inaccuracies. Most mistakes were found in West Java (764 polling stations, 8% of total mistakes), Central Java (706 polling stations, 7.4% of total mistakes) and East Java (385 polling stations, 4% of total mistakes).

“We also found indications of an explicit motive. In certain regions, the data would favor the 01 candidate, and subsequently disadvantage the 02 candidate. There is a constant motive… this is suspicious,” Nahrawardaya said.

BPN Spokespersons Coordinator Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak said that KPU’s data entry inaccuracies is a very serious matter. “Seeing how high the percentage of these mistakes is, we urgently urge arrangement of a fact finding team for electoral fraud, and to perform forensic auditing on KPU’s real count platform,” Simanjuntak added during the Monday conference.

Simanjuntak added that he strongly demands such actions to be executed in the hopes of ensuring high-quality democracy and eliminating doubts on the system and on the technicalities surrounding post-election activities.

BPN’s IT Volunteer group will continue to execute the manual audit. This is so the public can receive daily updates on the data. From the data collected, the public can have a clear, factual, data-based illustration of the suspected structural, systematic, and massive fraud.

“We will submit a daily report [on the findings] to KPU and Bawaslu even if they don’t request for it,” Mustofa said.

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