BPN IT Volunteer Group to Visit Bawaslu, Report 13,000 Data Entry Inaccuracies on KPU’s Website

JAKARTA, FNN — IT Volunteer Group on the National Committee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi (BPN) will submit a report including thousands of data entry inaccuracies on KPU’s real count data entry system.

“If God willing, we will bring a box filled with 2,500 pages of evidence that show data entry inaccuracies on KPU’s website,” BPN IT Volunteer Secretary Dian Islamiati Fatwa stated Thursday.

Fatwa stated that volunteers, during a five-day verification period from April 27 to May 1, found 13,031 mistakes from data amassed from 225,818 polling stations, which equals to 5.7 percent of the total data inputted.

The volunteer group found three types of mistakes. First, the final tally of casted votes exceeded the maximum number of voters subjected in each polling station, which hovers around 300 names. Second, the final tally of casted votes differ from the sum of valid and invalid votes, and the number of total ballot papers used. Third, the total valid votes differ from the sum of votes casted for both candidates.

“Thousands of mistakes that we found show that KPU’s data entry system is unreliable and misleading,” Fatwa stated. “The maximum rate of acceptable mistakes done by the IT system should be 0.1 percent. Ironically, we found a total of 5-7 percent inaccurate data,” Fatwa added.

Responding to the findings of BPN’s IT volunteer group, Coordinator of the National Movement to Save Democracy (GNSD) DR M. Said Sidu urged Bawaslu to take action and stop KPU’s data entry system altogether.

“To refrain from creating wide-scale public concern and distrust, Bawaslu needs to immediately halt KPU’s data entry system and ask an independent auditor to conduct a forensic audit,” Didu stated.

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